Cycling in Downtown Peterborough

Cycling to downtown is getting pretty sweet.  To get to the downtown, you can take trails, whether you are coming from the north, south, east or west.  The TransCanada Trail bisects the downtown and provides scenic entry points to the City from both the east and the west.  The Rotary Greenway Trail runs north-south along the Otonabee River just east of the downtown.  There is a trail bridge at London Street that brings you right to the top end of the downtown.  From the south, the Otonabee River Trail starts at Del Crary Park and winds along the west side of the river.  If you want to avoid cycling on roads, just walk your bike the last 5-10 minutes to get to your destination. 

Within the downtown, there will be bike lanes on both George and Water by mid-summer and some of the east-west side streets, such as Brock Street and King Street, are reasonably quiet.  Hunter Street in the cafe district has wide lanes and very little parking, making it friendly for cycling too.    

If you are coming in to Peterborough on GO Transit, you can bring your bike with you as the GO buses are outfitted with cycling racks, or you can borrow a bike using the Zagster bike share.  There are two bikeshare locations within the City.

You will find bike racks for parking your bicycle throughout the downtown.  There is covered bicycle parking at the Transit Terminal on Simcoe Street.

Visit downtown by bicycle!  We'd love to see you!